1. Contact

The potential client contacts us about the product that they wish to manufacture. The client will provide to us various data such as drawings, what materials would be needed (metal, steel, plastic, copper or stainless steel), the client’s production volume, ship to point and target pricing.

2. Quotation

With the data that we receive from the client we draw up a quotation for the client.

3. Orders

After approval of the quotation, we go over terms with the client and then receive a purchase order from the client.

4. FAI

Upon immediate receipt of the purchase order we prepare a sample for approval by the client.

5. Manufacturing

Once we receive approval of the sample that we had sent out we go into manufacturing.

6. Product QC

Our QC department inspects all the manufactured products for any quality issues.

7. Packing & Shipping

The products are then packaged and then delivered by the way our client had requested.